The death of a musician : Farooq Sarwar

In Pashto literature, shepherd and his flute have a great importance, poetry is being written on these two figures, many stanzas and tappas are as well, many fictions and dramas are also remained under the nib of the pen due to these two symbols. In fact, a shepherd and his flute are the lifeblood of literature. But today If this shepherd is taken out of literature, his death is announced, then what will happen.The hero of good literature is actually a musician, but if this musician would be no more , then In fact, will the death of good literature be announced?
Let’s strengthen our arguments on this behalf and for the purpose to form the basis between literature and music, we bring a short story before us ,written by Russian fiction writer Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko namely the blind Musician. Here we see the birth of a lovely boy, he belongs to a rich family, but unluckily he is blind. The family of the boy resides very close to sea. From the very childhood the boy has a craze for piano, therefore each and every time he plays with this instrument. Now we see an amazing thing, the boy learns the music from the Waves of the sea.And it’s the waves of the ocean that recognize the different rhythms to the boy and tell him how each rhythm is different from the other. All of these things go on to transform the boy into a beautiful pianist. Eventually his place became a big name in the field of piano playing and he became known as a great pianist.
The second great short story that comes before us belongs to a Russian writer as well. Who is this writer, Anton Chekhov? The protagonist of this fiction is a musician, who plays the violin , with whom his colleague makes dishonesty in the matter of money, which makes Chekhov sad and gloomy and he says Such a society can never develop and Can’t move forward, Where the right of artists would be violated, because music is the root of any society.
I also wrote a short story under the title of the gift. This story was also relating to a music party. It is routine of this party that they are doing their programs in winter in Quetta and near villages, but in the winter, when the rain and snow starts . Normally you will never find any marriage in Quetta City . So they shift to the province of Sindh and there the people invite them in different marriages. Basically in this story, I discussed the economic conditions of poor musicians.In weddings, it is common for people to throw money at a music party as a gift, which gives them a good income. But in a wedding where money is not thrown at them, There is a low income. Eventually they come up with a solution and found an old man. Whenever these people go to a wedding, abruptly such old man appears , who throws money at them. After that the group of people, who is present in the music party, it throws a lot of money on them, the old man also becomes their partner and his appearance converts into his routine. Now these people start getting a lot of income in Quetta, which saves them from far away going.
These three tales simply meant that literature, whether ours or global, represents the importance of music in our lives as well as the significance, notability and value of musicians and then how the literature dreams, and demands a very good and a better life for this sect or group of people due to their importance. That’s why Hollywood, America’s largest film industry, has done a marvelous job of making great and beautiful films on the lives of many of the world’s best and greatest musicians, including a great artist like Mozart.
Pakistan and then, especially Balochistan is rich in music. There are great musicians and as well as great singers. Both Pashtun and Baloch culture are full of rich music, as evidenced by Radio Pakistan Quetta and Pakistan Television Quetta. These both institutions have thousands of records of songs and music based on local musical instruments. Dr. Liaqat Taban is a great writer of Pashto language. He has written wonderful books of criticism , travel books and beautiful novels and has also received all kinds of awards and medals in this regard. A PhD dissertation is also his excellent book on Pashto music, in which he has researched on pashto music and musicians, which is also a small encyclopedia, and which, if translated into English and Urdu, would be an art and excellence. Anyway, Dr. Sahib’s work is well appreciated, then Dr. Sahib’s name will emerge in terms of research all over the world as well.
Regarding Balochi music and singers, Mr. Afzal Murad, a renowned writer, poet, playwright and Regional Director of the Balochistan Branch of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, said that Mr. Zahid, a young man, has recently completed his M.Phil in Balochi Music. While Ata Shad, Dr. Abdul Rehman Brahui and Panah Baloch have done a lot of important work in this regard so far.
Last days in the field of music, we have suffered huge losses,When two famous artists died, who represented Pakistan and Balochistan all over the world. These two artists have performed in music festivals in dozens of countries around the world and remained part of government musical delegations for many decades. The two were real brothers. One of them played the instrument of Rabab and at present he was a big vocalist in our country and was very senior in this field. His name was Sultan Muhammad Chanay. Really big world was hidden in his Rabat. The other was his younger brother Shaukat Ali and his dozens of songs were very popular in Pashto music. He also sang for a specific purpose and in his songs he criticized the social evils. At present Their family is the biggest family in the field of music in Balochistan . Many of the young members of this family are very outstanding musicians and singers, and the Pashto music have great expectations from them in future.
Mr. A.D Baloch is a big name in the world of arts in Balochistan. Mr. Baloch himself is a drama artist as well as a director and presenter. He arranges music functions all over Balochistan and Pakistan all the time. Sultan Mohammad Chanay and Shaukat Ali stayed with him for a long time. He said that these two brothers were as great artists as Mureed Baledi, Faiz Mohammad Baloch and Akhtar Chanal. The big chapter is over, and we have lost great artists ,who will hardly be born in the days to come.

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