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Creative process

Creative process
 Yousaf Khalid
—– It is not easy to describe the imaginative/creative process comprehensively, as it is quite complicated and incomprehensible up to some extent. However this process stimulates when an individual experiences the facts of life and feels a dire need to express and share these feelings with his companions. I strongly believe that during the creative/imaginative process, one’s thoughts go beyond the prevailing time and bring in picture such things that are yet to happen .These can be in the form of incidents, circumstances or revolutions, which are perceived well before time. Particularly, Poets pass through this phase of creative process during the course of their artistic work. I myself have written many things which were not relevant at the time of their creation; but to my surprise these confirm a true relevance, at some later stage. Even, I believe that the people we come across in our lives have their own specific role at a particular time; this could be the law of nature or something more mysterious. In fact, Poetry and other forms of art play a role of mirror to any society, through sensing and interpreting many things, which are not in conformity with the prevailing circumstances. Here comes the role of true art lover, who has God given ability to interpret, appreciate and explore the ideas embedded in the art. This is how a society finds its way to get transformed into a civilized state of mind.


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