1. Failure is the part of everyone`s life it can occur anywhere i.e., in your school, college, university, workplace and in business. Failure is not there to entitled you as a looser but it provides you the opportunity to learn from your bad experiences and to rebuild yourself to make your way towards success.

The fear of failure can kills you to become what you really want be and prevents you from achieving your goals. When we face fears and failures the most important and necessary changes are promoted in our lives, our businesses and our works.

Failure and success are linked with each other. It is failure which helps you to reach towards success. Failure works like stairs for success. When you fail to be successful you receive the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and get the better position.

World is filled with those people who consider their failures as blessing rather than to curse that. We are just aware with their success but their failure stories are overlooked.


The difference between success and failure are determination and belief. So it is not required to be afraid from failure. You reached towards success after learning from your mistakes. Failures provide you the ways of success .History is evidence that all the most successful people reached towards their goals after passing through the ways of big failures.

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