Warrior's Code:Ahsan Iftikhar

Warrior’s Code

Ahsan Iftikhar

People love a good war hero, a soldier,a patriot but what they never see is how the deaths of his foes,allies and people weigh on his soul…….

my story is that of a warrior
and in a war it starts and ends
I shall fight for my own country
and slay many a men
I will kill a hundred foes
to them there is no end
I shall slaughter everyone
Old,babe or women
for honor I shall fight
or what little of it is left
I have fought for an eternity
and death is all it begets
for all that i have sinned
in the name of state and friend
for me and my soul
death just won’t be an end
for now is the time to leave
so goodbye it is then
I shall rest now in my dark grave
for there lie my brethren
my foes and my allies
who fought to the bitter end
my story is that of a warrior
and in a war it starts and ends


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