The Fly : Farooq Sarwar

فاروق سرور
By: Farooq Sarwar
The day, when she opened her eyes first time, at first glance the blue sky impressed her. It was spring and breezing was in full swing. Really A few clouds were playing and the birds were flying in the sky, which mounting the beauty of it. He was present in a courtyard and the backside of a villa covered by tall boundary walls in a village. In the courtyard there were trees, flowers and greenery too.
Now she saw her mother, then her baby brothers and sisters, who were also present in the shells of different eggs. Although she felt the love of her mother and the good response of her brothers and sisters, but the first thing she loved was the birds sitting on the branches of trees and were present in tall grass. Really sweet voices and best songs of the birds kept on a marvelous impression on her. Though she was inspired by the colors of flowers and birds but the first idea came into her mind was that the flying is the main and important thing in life , when the day will come that she will fly like the other birds in the sky or over the trees.
After the first day, her life started in good and well manners. The whole day she played with her brothers and sisters in the beautiful courtyard. Besides this, she was in the habit of gazing at the birds in the sky and her wish was becoming stronger that when she will be able to fly.
Now she heard the first tragic news of her life and wept on the fact that hens and cocks cannot fly. She asked from her mother again and again that why we are not able to fly, we have the wings too but every time her mother smiled that our wings are little and not so powerful. Now once more she asked that each day I observed the uncle cock fly on the surface of the boundary wall and different trees. Once more her mother smiled that it is a restricted flight, we are out of power than it.
It was the dark side of the life she faced. In those early days she frequently watched the dreams that she is flying with the other beautiful birds in the sky. She always thought that the other name of the success and achievement in life is flying. Now she felt that her dreams are broken dreams. Now it is obvious that she will spend a life of failure. Oh my God the life will be very disastrous and I don’t like this kind of dark and unlucky life.
Now she started weeping. But this manner was not good for her and she became a laughing tool because all the members of her family knew the nature of problem with her. Her mother, aunts and uncles convinced her again and again that we are powerless in the matter of flying, don’t waste your energy.
Meanwhile, a Nightingale became her friend. She always called her the lucky one, because her wings were powerful and she enjoyed the life always and this enjoyment was her success in life.
The Nightingale was very beautiful and she was praising her for all time. One day she told the nightingale that it is possible that I call myself a successful creature in my life. It astonished the Nightingale that how. She whispered that when you will give me your wings. Now the nightingale laughed too much that your desire made you a psychic, abnormal and mad. It is impracticable; don’t show this kind of wish again, the creatures of the surrounding will laugh at you. You are very cute and my best friend and I don’t like that they give you the name of stupid.
Really The Nightingale was her lovely and sincere friend. Therefore she wept before her that I want a successful life but now I believe that there is no link between me and success. It is a disappointment and dark face of life. Really it is discouraging and I hate these things. I believe that my existence is not useless, but the circumstances convinced me that everything is impossible for me. My dear, believe me it that I will not serve a life of failure.
Now the community of the young hen observed a disastrous change in her. She was still in shock. Her face became lifeless. Her health was very good earlier, but now her health was awful. Before it she played, sung, laughed and always remained in a jolly mood. At present, she limited herself to a tiny room, which was very dark and this aspect destroyed her health further. This bad change confused all the members of her family and the birds who have the nests in the trees in the courtyard. The condition of the Nightingale was also not helpful. She was also afraid of her friend’s life but there was no solution of the problem and no possibility to fulfill the desires of the young hen.
Daily the nightingale visited her friend. She tried her best to persuade her that forget your desire of success. Indeed it is madness and finally this madness will ruin your dear life. But the young hen was not compromised. This situation also disappointed the nightingale. Really it made her depressing and gloomy. She did not want the death of her friend and love; therefore she decided that she will not come again here. Finally she flew and went far away.
Meanwhile, two weeks have been passed. One day in far Forrest the nightingale remembered and memorized her friend and thought that why not go to the courtyard of her friend. She believed that her mad friend would be dead; she will see her grave and this visit would satisfy her passion of love.
When the nightingale reached at the courtyard, she amazed because the young hen was not dead but alive. She became happier to meet her friend as living one. Now Nightingale laughed and started a conversation with the hen it is good that you became mature and learn how to compromise.

The young hen laughed that the word compromise is not in my glossary. I achieved the success and now I am a successful person.

The new fact was very amazing for the Nightingale. Now she asked that you mean you can fly now.

“Fly is nothing for me. My achievement is more valuable than the fly.”

“What do you mean, kindly brief me and tell me that you doing what.”

“I break the eggs.” It was the reply.

Now Nightingale laughed loudly that how foolish are you, it is very bad that you break the eggs of your family members and other innocent birds.
“No, I break the eggs of snacks.” again replied the happy hen.

The end


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