No true King : Ahsan Iftikhar

No true King

Poem by: Ahsan Iftikhar

A true king, a hero bold
A ruler just, a power old
To him we bow, on our knees
In him we trust, his wisdom indeed
A kind soul, a raging warrior
He is what his state shall need
Courage and justice,true to creed
A man like that,where to search
A soul like that, where to dig
Truth be told,how lost we are
Truth be told,a king we need
A king who rules with what we need
Find me a souls as blessed as him
Shall fill your coffers with riches
But do make haste, now don’t waste
For my land is being layed to waste
By the king , a hero bold
A ruler just, a power old
Yet he rules now with iron
Slays us now, has gone mad
To him now How can we bow?

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