A Divine Tragedy : Safdar Bhatti

Scene I
The Royal Throne

Angelic choir
God is pure and all
the praise is due
for Him alone, the Majestical,
We supplicate to Him, sue
to Him alone, the power
there is none but He
and nothing adorable is there
but He alone, Mighty
and all-knowing, and compeer
He hath not single one
He’s self-sufficient alone

I, alone, am the sole King
of all which exists on earth
in Heavens, and ‘tween the both,
the only Owner, I hold
My divinely regal Throne
aloof above the welkins seven
and these choirs of angels devout
sing my praise hymning always
at morn, at noon, at eventide
at night, yea, each minute while
of the time, they adore Me.
Angels, hark with the full heed
what I am about to declare
I have made the earth, the heavens
the cattle, the fowls, and the ether
‘tis all so wondrous done, and
finally I settled Myself here
up above the macrocosm all
their Sole Lord.
And now I intend to appoint
a vicegerent on earth,

Angelic choir
God, wilt Thou appoint therein
the one will commit bloodshed
and muckle disorder create
when we, here, hymn Thy praises
and laud Thee as the Purest One.

I know that you don’t, and listen
when I have finished making him
and breathed into him My Spirit
do prostrate, everyone of ye, to him
and Adam he will be called, the best
of whole Our creation

Angelic choir
God we acquiesce Thy behest
whatsoever, fain and forthwith

Scene II

God and Adam

Hail! Our newest creation, the best,
Mark the articles lying here
in Our presence, and We’ll make you
learn the names of all these
and, then, present you here
in the face of Our angelic choirs
to bless you sovereignty o’er them all
and ever be vigilent to what We say
and act as Our bidding guides

O the Beneficent the most Merciful God
Lord and King of the universe
I, Thy humble servant, am weak
and prostrate to Thy Glorious Self
and prostrating piteously implore
Thy Guidance divine on every step

Adam, stick to Us close and adhere
the instructions We state
for thy weal and righteousness
with all thy heart religously
and never, We say, will you stray
the right path, but, pray
hark not to none besides We
or you surely would be ruined

I seek Thy Grace, my absolute Lord
and will strive to follow what You bid

Blessings my dearest creation


Scene III

GOD, Adam, Iblees and Angelic choirs

Here, today, We do present
in the presence of all you choirs
Our newest creation and the best
the man, We will lord over creatures
each and everyone existing on earth
and aft that We have breathed into him
Our spirit, see, you all will prostrate
to him here on Our Regal Throne

An earthen clay in a man’s shape is brought on the Throne and God breathes His spirit into him and the clay turns to be Adam

Now the We have made him living
breathing Our invigorative spirit
into him, fall, ye choirs, prostrate
as We have bidden ye erstwhile

All the choirs prostrate but Iblees

How now, Iblees, you didn’t prostrate

I shall not, my Lord

You shall not?

ay, my Lord

You gainsay Our bidding

Never my Lord but only
that to this newest creation
the human being, an inferior
to me, my Lord, I will not

Inferior ? Sayst thou!
Here and forthwith
We present a pangeant will decide
who, in real sooth, an inferior proves,

My most Gracious Lord

Bring the articles here in Our presence

My Lord. Exits

Now in the presence of this entire assemblage
We’ll examine who the superior proves

enters Gabriel with a few articles and puts them on Regal Throne

Ask, now, one by one the names
of all these articles from Iblees
and Adam in turns

Gabriel shows a few articles one by one and asks Iblees their names which he fails to answer

We ask the entire assemblage around
to tell, if anyone amongst you knows,
the identity of these articles

The choir
God, our Lord, we only know
about what You have taught us

Ask to Adam

Gabriel lifts an article and shows to Adam


Gabriel lifts another article again and shows to Adam


Gabriel lifts another article and shows to Adam


Who’s the inferior? and didn’t We say
that I know which none knows

God, my Lord, he is created
out of clay of the kneaded black mud
just now, whereas me, longer ago
you created out of the flaming fire
and ‘tisn’t for such an elevated material
to bow down to a crude

Avaunt thee, you cursed scoudrel, out
with thy arrogance from here
We cast our malediction, a mighty curse
upon you till the day of decisions

Give me, my Lord, then,fixed respite
until the day You make decisions eterne

Respited, ay, art thou until
the decided time

Owing to, my Lord, that Thou hast
mislead me, I, in the world,
will, surely, lead all of the entirely
stray from Thy path, and adorn
the earth for them with filth
and they, the dolts, I trow
will follow, all of them, the whole,
my adroitness

Sayst thou, you blindfolded wretch,
Never, We declare, never the least
will adhere to thy forgery, they
amongst them shall be honestly faithful

But most, my Lord, amongst them
will I take hold of

And thy followers all along with you
We’ll put into the Hell, seven-gated,
wherein will they rot for evermore
and ‘tis Our promise divine to you
and to all of the human beings
who follow thy foot steps


God Adam and Eve


God, my gracious Lord

Hear and with full intent
what We here say to both of you
She is your consort, will abide
with you in our blissful gardens
lauding and hymning Me, your only friend
for the Devil, a stern enemy is he,
of you, your consort and the progeny
We will flourish on earth
out of both of you
hark not to none besides Us
for thou shalt be ruined then
now wend to the gardens
where trees of sundry fruits
having various palates, We have planted
eat at thy will from wherever you like
but mind, and again We say, mind
the tree We have declared to you
and eschew the approach to it
on the peril of thine own selves
and don’t, ay, don’t ever forget
to hymn and laud thine Lord

God, my Lord, we will as instructed
and hope of Thy absolute Graciousness
to bless both of us, Thy servants,

Go. for the gardens of eternal bliss
await ye yond, and once again
We warn you of the tree

Adam and Eve
God, most merciful Lord, we
Thy servants for evermore, submit
our both the selves to Your Highness
and we pay our humble gratitude
for Thy Charitability, prostrating,

both prostrate to God exit

Scene V

A part of Paradise

Ours is this ampler Universe around
and We sit on this Our regal throne up above the welkin seven folded
watching each and every creature
all the time, and hearing what they talk about
There’s none, ay, not even the single one
besides Ourself could do weal or woe
to anyone, and none, We declare, is there
Could alleviate the pain, the sufferings
of any of Our creations, ‘tis solely We
feed and nourish each tiny or huge
of Our creatures
and We bid whatsoever pleases Us
and none amongst Our entire creation
has the least power to withstand Our Will

My most gracious Lord, Thy servant here

Behold and see! This richest felicity
Blossomed here far and wide eternally
‘Tis the place, the most calm and comfortable,
for both of you consorts to dwell herein
and herein We have peovided all your needs
With the many myriad various fruits
fresh and wholesome to feed your hunger
Entirely for you to glean whatsoever at thy will
but be cautious, We warn you strict
never to near that yonder tree
to eat the fruit thereof lest ye be ruined
and likewise instruct the woman, your companion

My most gracious Lord, We’ll abide Thy Behest

enters Eve

Adam, my companion dear of life,
how marvellous the sight, the o’erladen trees
with each and every species of the fruits
these cooler shades, the rustling streams
and the verdant plains deckt with the grasses
freshly bedewed, how they soothe the feet
and all for us twain; a bounteous charity
the most Merciful Creator provided
We must be grateful to Him for evermore

Ay, the most Charitable is He the King,
and hark, dost thou mark that yonder tree
Eschew it always and never ever hie thyself
near that to taste from it or we be ruined
so declares Our God, the All-Knowing
and we must stick to His word

Ay, act we must as He bids and I believe
‘tis all truth what He says

The absolute truth I take it,

Enters an Evil spirit
(aside) See the newest creatures
Exulting overmuch in what He has blessed them with
the cause of my disgrace, an awful disgrace
for He shuts me out of His brightest of sights
banishes me to partake the eternal felicity
His Own presence, all owing to these two
I must forge a way to cause them distress
O my shrewdness, and the one I’ve readily found
the tree, will prove their downfall.

who is it speaks my name?

The Spirit
‘tis I, dearest of creations, and many gratulations
for the felicitous bounty of the Most High

ay, He is most Benign, and most Altruistic

He surely is (but not for me)
Many a sundry variety is here in abundance
of all which pleases the heart, the eye
the ear, stomach and palate

the matchless generosity of the Highest King
for the beatitude of both of us

well blest are you both, to taste freely
each and every species grown here
without the least exception?

ay, all but that yonder tree

that yonder tree ?

yea, ‘tis forbidden


yea, the most High has bidden us both
never to eat of it ever

never to eat of it ? But what for ?

We’ll be ruined He says if a single bite
we took of its fruit

what’s the use, then, of it herein
A tree bearing best of the fruits
but forbidden, can’t comprehend the reason

We are supposed to act as He bids
heedless of the whys or whats for

it makes no sense at all; being the ancient
of the spirits which dwell hereabout
The absolute characteristics of the tree
I very clearly know

dost thou ?

I do as clearly as yonder pleasant light
guilding the verge in cherfulness

and what they are? I pray

Thou most blest creature, I expound
in details what the tree contains in its fruit
If an altruistic friend hold me both of you

we do. For you seem to be an ancient seer
by thy mien, make and words

the fruit which this very tree bears
whoever eats thereof becomes anger
and eternally lives

Sayst thou so ?

I do. And swear by God, I only am
an altruistic counsellor of you both

Angels, you say, and eternity ?

the both

why, then, Our most Charitable Benefactor
forbade us it

‘Tis very confounding for myself too

And do you confirm your saying ?

I very certainly do by the most High
by the Sole Lord of the universe.
I must leave. Exits

harked you what this spirit enlightened ?

But his enlightenment contradicts
to what Our God, the Lord has bidden ?

but He didn’t expound the reason
and this very spirit, you marked him not ?
swearing by Himself to confirm the truth

‘Tis awfully baffling all

But assures Seraphim and Eternity
I am really curious

Uncertainty leads to curiosity always
We must forbear and stick to God

We must. But think about being seraphim
and eternal, and the Charitable Benefactor
Will it displease Him, Our eternity and
our being amongst the Seraphim ?

He Himself knows better

be not so illogical, dear consort,
Should I bring on thereof ?

It grates me a greater deal
lest we be shorn of such ethereal felicity

Nay, forbode not, I pray
I must bring one. exits

What will all this lead to ? I can’t distinguish
But he swore by God Almighty Himself
‘Tis nothing but the absolute truth’
and must I pay heed to it ? And if so
it be, as he declares, the unknown spirit,
Far more blest and fotunate we both
would be.

Enters Eve

here is that magical fruit, the eternity
the Seraphim, and I can’t forbear it a minute. (eats of the fruit)
take it, Adam,

Adam reluctantly takes the fruit and eats of it

And how long will take to make us eternal?
Do you guess?

I am quite confounded, lest God the Omnipresent
expel us out of such a richer abode

forbear, no portending please
Adam, how now, I can mark you clearly
limb by limb hitherto quite unfamiliar
such a superb make you reveal to you
ay, and what’s this itching stealing inside me
for the best from you,

A very instant transformation
How very attractive all you are made of
I can see I never did erstwhile
the winsome face, each and every part
but with a feeling of shame, aren’t we naked?

Seems the same

Let’s, and forthwith, conceal ourselves
under the leaves, putting on our secret parts

let’s, hope nothing amiss would take place
exit both


Angelic Choirs

Angelic Choir
Pure is the Lord our God
the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent,
He knew all which happens in Universe
From the least to the highest
The haughty Villain hath wrought
His wiles upon the new made twain
Making them do God had forbidden
With his wily acclamations
And mark the innocent pair
how perturbed they stood chidden
by their reproachful consciences
Sombrely dumb, downcasted.

Had We not warned the approach
To that guilt-stirring fruit, but you
Listening to foe disobeyed the Benefactor

Our most Gracious Lord
We are highly sorry for the misdeed
That ancient seer made us do
With his logical arguments strong
Swearing he says but the truth

And what We had bidden ? You took
for a mere jest?

Nay, Our most Merciful God
We, the utter novice, and naive
had been inveigled by the craftiness
Of an o’er wily erudite

Never lend ear to none but Us alone
Had We not bidden you ?

We pray, full piteously and in earnest
Thy all-encompassing Beneficence
To pardon our very first slip

You will never dwell here any more
In the felicitiousness We blest you with
But straight to earth We will deport
All of you, to toil therein full hard
And a fixed time We will establish
for thy husbandry over there, and then
Finally, ye all would be presented
In Our presence to make eternal judgment
Of all of you, and listen intently
Whenever Our instructions reach ye
Over there, act in full spirit upon them
And whosoever will adhere to Us
And to instructions We will send
Time after time will be rewarded
The same bliss you were hitherto in
But they who denied to follow them
And paid attention to aught else
Would be punished with affliction painful
Descend ye, begone from here


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