Prophetical : Safdar Bhatti

Now wait for the hour
the terrible hour ever
now wait for the Power
to pull out the lever
the earth’s rolling round;
wait for the thunderous sound
not a soul escapes
You have idled enough now
waltzing round the idols
of your various desires
abandoning the Highest Lord
Now wait, as no choice is there,
for that painful, woeful, dreadful
pain, a cheated lord’s whip
inflicts on the ingrate scoundrel
he fed, puts not the least ear
on his words,
Wait for folding of the bluer canopy
a totall collapse
wait for flying of the mountains
like the carded wool
wait for the metamorohosis
beings turning into insects
You’ve emptied His houses
you have left His laws
The most powerful Lord
you even said where’s He
Now see He comes in person
He has recorded your videos
undeniable evidences
for He’s the Cleverest of all
Now face the awfullest Majesty
on his agels-carried throne
where Moses speaks not a word
where Jesus’s a servant there
and Mohummad crouches with fear
Worry not you’ll be fairly weighed
He abhors betrayal the most
there’s fiery ditches for sinners
and luxury for earnest devotees.

younus khayyal

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