Naseem : by Safdar Bhatti

She was the youngest of four siblings
Born to a poor peasant of the village
In the western region of Subcontinent
She looked like a fairy’s child
Brilliant, bright and innocent,
Her angelic face like April’s morn
Glistened from brownish thick curls
She heard from her eldest brother
How Macbeth killed the king
And what did the witches fortell
She used to hear in second grade
All these tales of the past
And wondering sometimes did ask
Did the witches’ word come true?
She was a welcom child once everywhere
being accepted nowhere now ,
She has broken quite, the wilted bud
Sits mute, what would she say?
Do the sorrow lets anyone speak?
Who hears the cries of a broken heart?
A homeless guest she stays with him
But never asks for to hear now
"Tess of the d’Urbervilles”
Why, we’re all Hardys, see
You Mr Fawley and Thomasin me.
Thomasin and Fawley are the characters in Hardy’s novels ‘Jude the Obscure’ and ‘Return of the Native’

younus khayyal

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