April the first : Safdar Bhatti

See the April’s cheerful morn
see the sun fresh and clear
see the waving fields of corn
and the rustle do you hear?
See it’s gladsome all around
feel the wholesome breath
the breeze carrying a sound
a warning to prevaling death
See the natural antibiotic flows
all over the sickening earth
and how instant the life grows
I congratulate your new birth
Rejoice, o people prey of fear,
the virus laments his own corpse
now the angelic doctors appear
breathing around a healing force
See the warning is over now
a chance to ourselves to improve
I say to each and every fellow
be grateful and heartily prove
Be mindful take very good care
don’t force Him to turn to a fury
then every foul will be fair
and drink be the wounds’ brewery

younus khayyal

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