The teenager heart  : Safdar Bhatti

The teenager heart

Safdar Bhatti

 Love, a score years before,
Brightened a heart
Made up all of
The affections truest
Poor teenager heart
Caged in a figure fragile

A clandestine fire
Kindled up all abrupt
Heating desire

Longing stirred
Prevailing through each artery
Wafting the gaunt lad along
In the fierce whirlwind

The poor victim
Flitted here, flitted there
In crowds, in arbours lone
Where keener notes
Of passionate blackbird
Moved him oft to tears

And the womenfolk
He deemed as angels benign
Rushed towards them
Coveting, hankering,
Hankering, coveting,
Languishing evermore
The fidgety core

More than a score years passed
Grieving, pining,
Yearning still
Wrinkled the roseate cheek
Eyes their lustre lost
And died the dreams therein
In wearisome pursuits
Yet the heart
The combustible
The uttermost fond
Plays the teenager still

Safdar Bhatti

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