English Translation by : Safdar Bhatti

Holy Qur’aan
Surah Ibraheem
chpter 14
verses 32, 33, 34
In the name of Allah the most Gracious and the most Merciful
32. Tell to my servants who’ve believed to adhere to prayer and expend from which We’ve given them secretly and in public before the arrival of a day there’s no trading nor friendships that day.
33. It’s Allah Who created heavens and earth and sent water from the sky and brought forth fruits by it for your sustenance, and He subjected the boats to you to travel in the waters with His order, and subjected to you the rivers and put the sun and the moon for you on eternal courses, and put at work for you the night and the day.
34. and gave you everything you asked to Him, and if you start counting Allah’s blessings you can’t number them, the man, surely, is very unjust and ungrateful.

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