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2020 is a year of uncertainties. All of us have passed from financial crisis due to economic conditions. In today’s world, we should focus in generating more income streams to meet financial needs effectively.
These are some business ideas with low investment business to generate income.
1. Blogging
Blogging is a way to generate income with zero investment just by using your writing skills. You just have to choose a free blog template and write some posts on regular basis. If more and more people will read your blog, you will start earning. Blogging gives you an opportunity to earn by affiliated partnership, sponsors, product sales and advertising.
2. Online Teaching
You can start earning by delivering your teaching skills online. You can start short online courses. You can start your YouTube channel of teaching to attract more students and thus you can add up in your earning. You can offer different language courses online to grab more audience.
3. Developing a Mobile App
If you are a web developer then you can design a mobile app which is needed in the market by doing a keen analysis of market.
4. Uber Driving
You can earn money by using your driving skills for Uber and start earning just by driving.
5. Writing E-books
E-books are an emerging source of generating income. You have to compile all your research work of a book in an E-book format and sale it online. E-book writing needs no investment but the good writing and formatted skills only-books can be sold on big platforms such as Amazon.

6. Organic farms/Products
Now a days everyone is focused in boosting immunity which is achieved by organic products only. You can start your venture of growing your organic farm and starting home delivery of organic products.
7. Selling Used items
Used items like phone, gadgets, laptops and even clothes can be resale to generate income.

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