Raising Confident Kids : Sunia Manan

Confident kids’ give their best input in everything as they know their abilities and have believe in themselves.
Today we will share some tips with you how to raise confident kids.
1. Appreciate your kids’ effort
If your child make an effort to do some task, encourage him to do it. If he is trying something new and challenging, appreciate him no matter if he wins or loses. Kids get positive energy with this appreciation and it helps in adding their confidence.
2. Encourage Practice
To make your child more competent and confident, encourage him to practice whatever he is interested in. e.g. If he wants to learn martial arts or piano, support him to do practice. It will enhance his/her competency level and he will be more confident to perform the tasks.
3. Let them solve their problems
It is wiser to let the children solve their problems by themselves. You can get a check whether he/she is doing in right way but let him first do by himself.

4. Encourage Curiosity
Let him/her ask you the questions. Let him to ask whatever comes in his mind. It will help in improving brain functioning and ultimately make the kids more knowledgeable, more confident.
5. Challenging Tasks
Assign the kids some challenging tasks. It helps them to explore their hidden talents and increases their problem solving skills.
6. Let them do mistakes
Mistakes are a part of learning. Kids learn by making mistakes. Don’t be over protective about kids and let them do whatever they can happy to do.

Discouragement and fear are enemies of confidence. A child who lacks confidence will be reluctant to explore new horizons because of fear of failure. Only Confident kids will generate a bright future of a nation.

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